Producer, Madeline Schaefer

I moved to 919 Farragut Street in 2011 to soak up the energy of social justice that I knew had roots in this area since the 1970s.  But it wasn’t until I started listening to the stories of its past that I started to sense West Philly’s complexity, its darkness, its utopian dreams.

This neighborhood has been home to a diverse array of communities over the years; with Penn on one side and “the ghetto” on the other, nestled within a bend of the Schuylkill, it has a warmth, a closeness, and a history of intentional community since the 70s.   This project is my attempt to tell the history of activism in the neighborhood since the founding of “Movement for a New Society,” a group of primarily young adults working and living together to create social change. Its impact has been deep and lasting–what will its legacy look like in the new millenium?


Photographer, Jenna Spitz

Jenna Spitz is a West Philly-based photographer and an editor, for fun. She has never eaten Ethiopian food, but it is high on her list of things to do. For the past 7 years she has been producing portraits of people she finds important, effective, amusing, and good looking. She is also interested in activism and the relationships that form around and alongside it.