Born and Rooted in Action

Amy Keitzman is a radical Philly native. Her father, a doctor and a Quaker, ran Quaker work camps, and she spent the first five years of her life in North Philly at the Friends Neighborhood Housing Project, the first interracial sweat equity housing in the country. She attended Westtown Friends School, where she organized to help abolish the dress code. After traveling around the world with Friends World College, she returned to West Philadelphia to learn how to make real change with “The Gathering” or Movement for a New Society.

Photos by Jenna Spitz

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And she’s stayed, becoming both involved and disillusioned with social change while raising a family and developing her own spirituality. Change, Amy has learned, must be rooted in a grounded experience of transformation rather than a ego-driven desire for success. Amy remains passionately engaged with West Philadelphia and movements around the city that call for change.

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