Growing up in a Vortex

Vortex house embodies a rare phenomenon in the West Philly landscape:  Families living collectively.  For years.  Long enough to watch as their kids think about college.  Not only that, but this house has history; it was bought by the Life Center Association, a non-profit started by members of the Movement for a New Society.

The house has weathered many changes since it was purchased by the LCA in the 1970s.  First a training resource for the MNS movement, then home to New Society Publishers, Vortex house is now home to four adults, three children and one large dog.  But it is not your typical family unit; it is filled with people dedicated to social change and community living.

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Its members have weathered these changes with the house.  Their lives have changed, but they have stayed committed to the community for nearly 20 years.

We met the residents at one of their nightly house dinners.

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